10 Principles of a Successful Life

1. Let people and life situations go. 

2. At the end of every week ask yourself:
"What have I learnt the last week?" "What was my biggest achievement?" "What was the most unforgettable moment and why?" "Have I spent my time for nothing?" "If so, for the sake of what?"

3. Look after your appearance. 
Be always ready to new achievements and sudden meetings. 

4. Don't complain and whimper. 
Keep silent, stand up and go to do everything that's necessary. 

5. Travel! Twice a year go to a place where you haven't ever been. Journeys will help to find yourself. 

6. Let yourself to make mistakes. When you miss something, don't miss the lesson from it. A mistake is a perfect opportunity to improve yourself. 

7. Develop your personality. 
You are who you are. Don't compete with anyone except yourself. 

8. Make decisions by yourself. 
Don't dance after somebody's whistle. 

9. Don't impose. 
The world is huge, there is undoubtedly a person who will be happy with your smile and look. 

10. Learn to say "No". 
Don't be afraid to refuse. 
- Wouldn't you like to be polite? No?
- No!